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The Art of Aesthetics, It's a LIFESTYLE

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Introductory Offer (new clientele only)
With over 30 years of experience, I'd say your face is in great hands! It's all in the details when caring for ones skin, and Toni knows skin! You be the judge! This offer Includes custom product for new clientele. REG. $150.
Adult Skin Treatment (includes product)
$90.- $150 You and your skin will receive detailed treatment that engages with you and your skin's needs at the time of your appointment. Facial, Decollete, Arms and Hands will all be addressed and I NEVER leave the room always doing something to you during the 90 full minutes of bliss! You'll wake refreshed like NEVER before! Custom products are also made fresh at each of your appointments so you never run out or have to get caught up in the cosmetic hype while rocking beautiful healthy skin! The more facials purchased the lower the price will be for you! It's a WiIN for everyone!
Teen Deep Pore Skin Treatment (includes product)
$50 - $125 Teen Skin tx are perfect for teens while their skin is going through life's changes. Customized Product is complementary while receiving treatments. Price varies depending on how many treatments needed. For example, if you're going to want several treatments you will pay the lower amount for each treatment! It's a win for everyone!
Brow Shaping
$55. or complementary with memberships
Hand and Arm treatment
Foot and Nail Care
Waxing Facial areas - $20
Waxing Body areas - $75


1 YEAR (call for appointment)
12 Customized Facial treatments with customized serums blended for your skins needs to halt the premature aging processes while giving you and your skin a lift Using modalities like the MDSilkPeel, Natural peeling agents, Aromatherapy, Lymphatic/Blood circulation detailed massage, Custom Personalized Serums, Hand and Foot treatments with Energy work.
Breathe and relax your in great hands!
Toni K
includes product
includes product


Paid Gift Certificate
Someone thinks you are very SPECIAL lucky you! See you soon! Toni K


Custom Product
$75 Try our professional line of pure ingredients for your skins needs to help refresh and stimulate or calm your skin naturally without chemicals or fillers.
May include; Skin Rinse, Lash Cleanser, Face Cleanser, Hydration Toner, Acne Spot tx, AM and PM Serums. one month supply
Product can be purchased in larger sizes with facial treatment only.
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